Jessica Lehoczky    |    PI

Jessica received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Mathematics from Lehigh University and went on to work on the Human Genome Project at the Whitehead Center for Genome Research (now Broad Institute).  Jessica earned her PhD in Human Genetics from the University of Michigan, where under the mentorship of Dr. Jeff Innis, she studied the transcriptional regulation of Hox genes during limb development.  For her postdoctoral research, she joined the lab of Dr. Cliff Tabin in the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School.  Her research focused on the endogenous process of mouse digit tip regeneration, and has laid the foundation for her independent research lab.


Vikram Khedgikar    |    Postdoctoral Fellow

Vikram Khedgikar completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Fergusson College, Pune University and his Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Pune University. He received his PhD in Life Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University (CSIR-CDRI) under the supervision of Dr. Ritu Trivedi, where he studied the mechanism of synthetic and natural bone anabolic agents using molecular and proteomic approaches. Most recently, he worked as a postdoc at UMass Amherst with Dr. Dominique Alfandari studying craniofacial development in Xenopus. Vikram is interested in bone biology has joined the Lehoczky Lab to study bone regeneration during digit tip regeneration.

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Gemma Johnson    |    PhD Student, Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

Gemma grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and moved to the east coast to attend Bryn Mawr College, where she earned an AB in Biology with honors. She has worked on various projects in the Theoretical Biology Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory under the mentorship of Ben McMahon and completed undergraduate research on the aphid reproductive polyphenism in the lab of Greg Davis at Bryn Mawr. She is now pursuing a PhD in Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School and in the Lehoczky Lab she will address the molecular regulation of digit tip regeneration.


Erick Masias   |   Technician

Erick grew up in Chicago and moved to Vermont to attend Middlebury College, where he received his Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience.  As an undergraduate he worked in Dr. Clarissa Parker's behavioral genetics lab where he completed his senior thesis on a project focused on the genetics underlying alcohol use disorders.  Erick joins the Lehoczky Lab to manage the mouse colony and support lab projects as he prepares to go to medical school



Pathum Dhanapala   |   Postdoctoral Fellow

Theresa Funk   |   Technician

Hugh Gorman   |   Undergraduate Researcher